adrian doyle

I grew up in Edinburgh and spent over 20 years in corporate IT before deciding to become self-employed. My career split into various routes including freelance IT, performing and teaching guitar, clinical hypnotherapy and dog behaviour. In 2013, my wife and I bought our first small holding and started keeping sheep and chickens as well as growing our own fruit and vegetables.

I have learned much about smallholding life and have developed a range of skills such as building, plumbing, forestry, repairing dry stone walls, landscaping, lambing and handling livestock generally. Having at one time or another kept cows and pigs as well, we have simplified our life by focusing on sheep. These days, we keep a pedigree heard of coloured ryelands and live in the hills of SW Scotland.

More recently, I have phased out the IT side of my life and replaced it with writing. My first two books are non-fiction and are based on my experiences as a smallholder and dog behaviouralist.

My third book will be fiction and I hope to have that ready for publication in the spring or summer of 2021.


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