Dogs Talk – an Extract

dogs talk coverWe (Nicole, Maxi and I) had just got back from a walk. It wasn’t a play session with Bear and Luna, it was a country walk, and I still had some energy to burn. Maxi and I were sitting waiting for Nicole to open the gate. She needed both hands for this, so Maxi and I were sitting there off lead. Out of nowhere, a group of humans shot past on bicycles.

In a flash, I was off after them. It was brilliant. I had to run pretty fast to catch up, and then I dropped into a good lope to keep up with them. The cyclists didn’t seem that bothered and kept going. I could hear Nicole calling my name, but I just ignored her. I was having too much fun.

Off we went down the road, around the double bend and up the hill. Eventually, we got far enough away that I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. I was also a bit puffed out now; it had been a long, full-on run. I am built for short bursts of speed, not long runs. I slowed down, turned and trotted back feeling very happy with myself. Nicole was waiting for me at the gate. She didn’t seem very happy. I wondered what had happened to upset her. I felt like I could do with a pat, so I put on my dog smile. For the first time, it didn’t work. I was puzzled. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, was I? I thought she liked my dog smile. We walked back to the house. I was a little nervous; something in Nicole’s demeanour felt threatening. When we got to the house, I made straight for my bed and lay down.