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adrian doyle

I went to school in Scotland and got As in ‘O’ Grade and Higher mathematics.  I studied Maths and Computer Science at Edinburgh University gaining merits in mathematics in both first and second years.  In my final years, I focused on the Computer Science gaining an Honours Degree (2.1).  I also have an MBA which I did through the Open University.

I got into maths tutoring when my daughter asked me for help with her maths GCSE.  She had not inherited my aptitude in maths.  I found it rewarding to help her understand the concepts she had learned at school and gain confidence in applying them.  Much to her surprise (but not mine), she passed.

I have had a career in IT and have used the mathematics from time to time.

My approach is to help the student understand what the maths is trying to achieve.  I seek to find ways to explain concepts such as algebra in a way the student can understand and relate to.  I show them ways to remember formulae, approaches to exam questions and most of all, I seek to give them confidence in their own abilities.

I have over 10 years experience in teaching guitar and bass and so have learned how to treat each student as an individual.

I have an up to date CRB.

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